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American Battle Monuments

November 12, 2013

A few days ago I returned from a 3000 mile two week trip through Germany and France and Luxembourg. I had gone over there with a fellow veteran who was interested in battlefields but, because there is little to see at most battlefields we wound up spending our time mostly at American cemeteries (10 of them in all, including the one at Normandy and the one in Paris). The reason I write this editorial is because I was totally unaware of these cemeteries (except for Normandy) and they are spectacular. Another benefit to a tourist like me is that they are located in rural areas, mostly France, and the countryside is absolutely beautiful to drive through.
But the most impressive part is how these cemeteries impressed upon me the sacrifice that our military made in World War I and II. These cemeteries are impressively maintained (sometimes 10-14 full time landscapers) and only very slightly visited. At some cemeteries there were only a handful of visitors the entire day. The word about these spectacular monuments needs to get out. I encourage European travelers to include them in travel plans.
More detail is available at the web site of the American Battle Monuments Commission.

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