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End Obamascare—Open the Grand Canyon

October 4, 2013

President Obama is holding the nation hostage with his refusal to negotiate. For example, this morning I heard a woman on the radio who had come 2000 miles to see the Grand Canyon, complain that she had resigned herself to not seeing the canyon because “no one can do anything.” This is simply not true. Republicans have offered to open several government services, including parks, but the senate and the president refuse. In addition, Arizona has offered to open the Canyon with state funds. The Park Service refuses to allow it. This is blackmail. Opening the Grand Canyon would likely get all 535 votes in the senate and house, whereas the “my way or the highway” demand by the president and senate to pass the senate bill might only squeak by with a vote or two to spare. This example makes it quite clear that it is the big-government leftists who are keeping the government shut down, not the conservatives.

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