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The Future of the Republican Party 

November 22, 2022


There were two excellent editorials in the Sunday Nov 20 Arizona Republic regarding the future of the Republican Party, one entitled “Here’s how to save the wreck that is the Arizona GOP” by the Republic staff and another entitled “There’s more to Katie Hobbs than all of us thought” by Phil Boas. As a lifelong registered Republican who has devoted time and resources to the Party I have been discouraged over the devotion to Donald Trump. I think this has been destroying the Republican Party because it ignores the obvious faults in Trump’s disgusting character and taints Republicans with his awful character traits. You might not agree with me that character is more important than policy but, surely, you must agree that there is some minimal standard that we should expect from our leaders.

The sad fact is that his disgusting character was known from the day he announced. In 2016 I was willing to support any of the 14 Republican candidates except Trump. When he was nominated, I was forced to vote Libertarian in both races.

The two Republic editorials make it clear that Republicans do have a future if we jettison the baggage of Trump and return to the philosophy of personal freedom, free markets, low taxes, less regulation, and free trade that once made us a winning party. Let’s get going.

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