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Maricopa Bond Advisory Committee-No real diversity

November 12, 2013

I see that we have another bond advisory committee appointed, this time to recommend lots more taxpayer money for the Maricopa Hospital. More spending is a foregone conclusion because, whenever these committees are appointed, the appointing authority insures the outcome. They always go to great lengths to claim that the committee is very diverse. It is always diverse geographically and it is diverse ethnically and it is diverse in age and diverse in gender and diverse in business verses government versus private sector members.

The only diversity which these committees always lack, and this one is no exception is the only meaningful diversity…….philosophical diversity. That is, there will be no believers in smaller government appointed to any committee like this. All the committee members will be in favor of spending more taxpayer money. If they disagree at all they will simply disagree about how the loot (tax money) is distributed. Can such a committee seriously be considered “diverse”?

We need a better process, one that protects the taxpayer instead of one that continually fleeces them.

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