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Racial Justice is just racism

November 17, 2021

Racial justice is just racism. There is no special category of justice based on one’s skin color. No matter how good the “intention” might be, racial justice is just code for reverse discrimination based on race. It is similar in that regard to “social” justice, which is just code for socialism, that is, using guilt to promote outcomes based on one’s social status and not on merit or hard work. The focus is on “equity,” not on equality. Equality is the proper term which has nothing to do with one’s race or social status.

There was a time when our government fought against racism through various laws such as those preventing government entities from using race as a factor in hiring. Now, however, government is promoting racism by requiring every form that government touches to include a person’s race. Instead of a color-blind society, our government promotes a society focused on race.

We should ask the question; what properly describes a person? The only meaningful characteristic is their choices. You are what you choose. A person is not properly described by their skin color any more than they are described by their height or weight or any other physical characteristic

“Critical race theory” is at the opposite extreme. It purports to describe a person, not as an individual, but rather by their skin color. This is a very pernicious trend. We should treat people as individuals not as members of any group, unless that group is one, they CHOOSE to be part of such as a church or civic club or charitable association. That kind of choice legitimately describes a person.

Let’s work toward justice, not racial justice, and not social justice.

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  1. Excellent, Roy. Couldn’t have said it better. With your permission I will post it on my blog “Responsibility: Freedom Dends It” at ttoes.wordless com

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