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Jeff Flake-I am among the 30%

October 3, 2018

Jeff Flake is still popular with me

I am proud to say that I am among the recently reported 30% in Arizona who still admire Jeff Flake. And I have continued to be proud of Jeff ever since a small group of us hired him to be the Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute back in 1992. But, since Trump’s election, Jeff is challenged by our President’s actions. Unfortunately, Trump has a personal manner that is pretty disgusting. As a lifelong Republican I wish that more members of my party could make a distinction and praise President Trump for his good decisions but also recognize that much of his behavior is not to be held up as an example for others. Jeff Flake is one of the few senior leaders in our party who regularly makes this distinction. Honor should be placed above policy and I thank Jeff for holding Trump’s feet to the fire on issues of honor and integrity.

Jeff wrote a book called Conscience of a Conservative, like one written many years ago by Senator Barry Goldwater. I commend it to anyone who might be frustrated when Jeff does not always support the President. There is no one in senior leadership today whose honor and integrity are held in higher esteem by me than Senator Jeff Flake.

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