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AZ State Fairgrounds are a disgrace

March 28, 2018

Even though I have lived just a few blocks from the Arizona State Fairgrounds for over 40 years and have attended many events there, I had never walked around the entire campus until just the other day. I was appalled. The buildings are run down, paint is peeling, the landscaping is atrocious, and the surrounding parking lots are also in need of upkeep.

Can we fix it? I doubt it. There is no way any government entity can generate enough revenue for this. Instead of wasting more tax money, we should sell the land and the parking lots for a mega development of some kind. After all, where else is such a large parcel of land available in the center of one of the largest cities in the United States? Such a sale would generate millions of dollars and millions more in future tax revenue from the new use. And there is plenty of available land in Maricopa County…..or somewhere else in Arizona—after all, it is the STATE fairgrounds.

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