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Horizon Can’t Shake the Liberal Bias

July 3, 2016

Horizon Can’t Shake the Liberal Bias
Why do people say that PBS has a liberal bias? A recent example is our own local Horizon program. Ted Simons recently hosted liberal columnist EJ Dionne to discuss his new book “How the Right Went Wrong.” There was no conservative commentary to balance EJ’s leftist views and there will not likely be a subsequent Horizon show featuring a conservative commentary on Dionne’s book. There will also not likely be a Horizon program featuring a clearly conservative book such as “How the Left Went Wrong.” But, worse than that, hosts like Ted Simons and Diane Rehm always seem to phrase their questions in a way that is critical of conservative views. In the case of Simons interview with Dionne, Simons had the audacity to invite Dionne to compare the Tea Party, a conservative group, to the John Birch Society. What is the likelihood that Simons will invite some liberal on his show to compare a leftist group with Marxism or Communism? So much for the unbiased press.

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