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Light Rail trains will be empty in five years

April 17, 2016

Light Rail trains will be empty in five years
Passenger travel by rail is dead, including light rail, and heavy rail, and commuter rail. The age of self driving vehicles is rapidly approaching. Why would anyone take a train or a bus when they could move directly from their own home to their destination, door to door? Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles and several other major cities are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on outmoded transportation systems. When will they wake up??

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  1. Eric M permalink

    I’ll be interested to see what the usage turns out to be. We have a fresh push in Albuquerque for one, and I am so disappointed, as are many. I’m sure it will ruin good streets, certainly Central. I wish they would just keep good buses and use run them often.

    • Thanks for your comment. Central planners cannot resist the urge to control people’s lives.
      PS David Haines is selling his house and the buyers (closing in two weeks) are couple from Albuquerque with grandkids in Phoenix.

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