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We Cannot Trust Our Government

May 27, 2014

If anyone still wonders whether we can trust our government, I would recommend watching the PBS Frontline special “United States of Secrets.” It covers the actions of the NSA in spying on Americans (all Americans, not just suspected criminals or terrorists) and reveals in great detail the lying and deceiving that our government officials will engage in to keep the details of this secret surveillance from the people. Because this deception is carried on by some elected officials, including members of Congress and US Presidents, there is nowhere we can turn for relief, except whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. Because of the revelations in this PBS series I have chosen to elevate Snowden to the status of hero in my own mind, certainly not traitor, as some right wingers would have us believe.

Remember, we live under a government that was established by our founders with checks and balances so that no government official could gain too much power. But, if it is impossible to find out what our government is doing, and if the highest government officials will lie when confronted with accusations or questions, then these checks and balances cannot work.

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