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The Right Wing imperils the Republican Party

May 24, 2012

As a lifelong Republican activist I have consistently tried to get the Republican Party to be a stronger force for individual liberty. I believe that, if the Republican Party has a future, that future depends on its adoption of libertarian views, that is, fiscal conservatism is not enough. While there are some limited government positions that both libertarians and conservatives agree on, we need a revolutionary strategy to combat the advancement of socialism under the current administration in Washington.

Few Republicans will risk their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, or even their political career, for just lower taxes, or deregulation, or reduced government spending. But, true defenders of liberty will take those risks if we will make a strong and principled stand for individual liberty.

The main obstacle for Republicans in adopting a strong position on liberty is the Right Wing, because they are placing too much emphasis on trying to put the Bible in the statue books and on policing the world. The Right Wing refuses to recognize an individual’s right to decide what substances we are allowed to put in our body (War on Drugs) or who to have sex with (laws against prostitution) or what we can do with our own money (laws against legalized gambling), etc. They also tend to favor an interventionist foreign policy which includes huge defense budgets.

Republicans need to be revolutionaries for a much smaller government. “Give me liberty or give me death” does not mean “please lower my taxes” or “please don’t over-regulate.” It means “LEAVE ME ALONE.” Republicans need to stand for this message.

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