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Traffic and speed cameras are good

August 26, 2021

Regarding the much hated and often vilified speed cameras and traffic cameras, the problem exists, as it does with many problems, because the government owns the roads. As a way of deciding whether these cameras make sense I often ask myself what kinds of procedures I would support if I owned the roads. I think we all know that one of the main danger factors in highway accidents is inconsistent speeds, not so much just high speeds. The cheapest and easiest way to monitor traffic behavior is with cameras, not full-time enforcement officers. If there were enough cameras to ensure that almost everyone who drove too fast or violated other traffic laws, would receive a citation, rather than the random system today which makes driving a matter of taking your chances, I think it would very quickly result in consistent driving and a dramatic reduction in accidents. Makes sense to me. I think that, if I owned the roads, that’s what I would do.

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