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Phoenix, Give Yourself a $1.4 million tax cut on Nov 3rd

September 24, 2020

Phoenix voters: Can you remember the last time a tax cut was on the ballot? Neither can I, but we can give ourselves a 1.4-million-dollar tax cut on November 3rd. This is because there will be a request by the City of Phoenix to exceed the state spending limit which was passed way back in 1979. For political wonks, it was primarily sponsored by Senator Ray Rottas. I was a lobbyist then and helped him get it through the legislature. But…….unfortunately, Ray had to add some “wiggle room” into the bill in order to get enough votes. That wiggle room allowed the various political jurisdictions in the state to override the spending limits if they would take the issue directly to the voters every four years. Is anyone surprised that Phoenix has done that every four years since the first vote in 1981?

But you have the chance on November 3rd to restore some sanity to government spending and give yourself a huge tax cut. The proposition is Number 444.

Just vote NO!

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