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Gov Ducey: There is no Systemic Racism in the PhxPD

June 8, 2020

Last week one obnoxious reporter tried twice to get Governor Ducey to say that there was “systemic racism” in the Phoenix Police Department. This was after another reporter (maybe it was the same one) tried to get Ducey to admit that he suffered from “white privilege.” The farthest the governor would go is to say that “I am learning.” I want the governor to know that, after living in central Phoenix for 45 years, and after serving on numerous Phoenix commissions and committees, including as chairman of the Phoenix Civil Service Board (where we heard appeals of Phoenix PD disciplinary actions), and after knowing most of the chiefs of police during that 45 years, there is no systemic racism in the Phx PD.

I do not know the current chief, Jeri Williams very well, but I have had some personal interaction with her, and I have closely followed her actions in the press. As a result, I have the utmost confidence in her management.

I hope that the next time the governor is asked this question about systemic racism he will say that he knows of no such thing, even while acknowledging that that there are always a few bad apples in every barrel and that he is all for dispensing the appropriate discipline when they are found.

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