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Jeff Flake Critics are Wrong

October 2, 2019

Anderson and Murphy are wrong about Jeff Flake

Arizona Republic letter writers Parker Anderson and Edward Murphy in today’s paper (Oct 2) are wrong in their criticism of Jeff Flake. I have known Jeff Flake well ever since I and my fellow Goldwater Institute board members hired Jeff to be our executive director nearly 30 years ago. Jeff was an outstanding director, US House member, and US Senator. Writer Anderson claims that Jeff failed to speak up (about his concerns over Trump misdeeds) but this is simply false. Jeff made his opinions clear from the day Trump was elected and was always the most outspoken (and respectful) of all the Republican Senators. Writer Murphy’s complaint is that Jeff quit the senate. This was the only honorable thing Jeff could do because of the demands in his upcoming campaign for fundraising. Jeff simply knew that he could not ask other Republicans for money while at the same time retaining his integrity by holding the President’s feet to the fire.
If anyone is seriously interested in knowing where Jeff Flake stands, they need only read his book “Conscience of a Conservative.” There has never been a more honorable person in the Congress than Jeff Flake.

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