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Memories of the USAFA Chapel

September 6, 2019

I was a devout Minnesota Lutheran when I came to USAFA in 1963. I was lucky that my sponsor was the Protestant Chaplain, Capt Bob Hendricks. (He ended his career as a Colonel/TAC Command Chaplain and we remained lifelong friends until his death in 2014.) While at USAFA I became very involved in Chapel activities and also taught Sunday School at the Base Chapel. I also tried out for the Protestant Cadet Choir but did not make the cut. Another chaplain at the time, Capt Chapman, had seminars on the Dead Sea Scrolls that I attended. I was so caught up the chapel activities that I actually considered attending a seminary (probably Luther Theological Seminary in Minnesota). However, that motivation caused me to begin a more detailed study of religion, especially doctrinal issues and I began to question doctrine, first esoteric doctrines like Transubstantiation but later, more fundamental doctrines such as the Trinity. That caused me to begin a multiyear quest for a church whose doctrine I could believe in. Long story short is that I have been a Unitarian for the past 42 years. Obviously, the Chapel and its cadet programs were very meaningful to me, as they were to many cadets in our class.

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  1. Come back to the Trinity. All is forgiven!

    Don Tomas de Jenney Gobernador Insula de Barataria


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