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We Are All African Americans

January 14, 2019

The whole notion of race is frustrating. It is such an unscientific concept that it is amazing to me how much media attention is paid to it. I suspect that it is for political reasons, mostly on the Left. It is used to create monsters on the Right who are supposed to be racists because they want to give autonomy to some business owners for hiring and college presidents for admissions. It is used by the Left to create victims and to justify all manner of government interventions to correct the perceived racial imbalances.

All this is so foolish because, really, we are all African Americans. Since all humankind originated somewhere in Africa, usually thought to be around the present Ethiopia, the only racial heritage that any of us can claim with certainty is, therefore, African. And, if you were born in America, that makes you African American. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could agree that we are all African Americans and stop fighting the race wars and stop segregating people based on race?

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