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Suns arena: Sell it to the Suns

December 19, 2018

Taxpayers should not be required to put another dime into the Suns arena. City governments should not even be in the arena business. For that matter, city governments should not be in the hotel business (remember the Sheraton disaster), or the convention center business (that’s why we “had” to build the Sheraton hotel), or the trash hauling business, or the light rail business, or even the airport business, or the water company business, or the sewer company business (we have over 300 private water and sewer companies in Arizona). This list is large. All businesses run better if business people are in charge rather than government bureaucrats.

And the Suns arena would run better too. And Phoenix would get the tax revenue and avoid the headaches of management and maintenance.

Let’s make the Suns an offer they can’t refuse.

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