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Church attendance

November 19, 2018

I recently read that in my home state of Minnesota the fastest growing religious denomination is “none.” These statistics are probably similar in the rest of the United States. This is discouraging because I believe that religion provides a foundation for morality, that is, correct behavior. Oh sure, you can learn what is correct behavior by studying the great philosophers, but it is religion that provides the motivation to not just KNOW the right thing but to DO the right thing. This is sorely needed today because we live in a world of relative morality. We have presidents who lie routinely to the American people, and not the just the current president; remember that both President Bush and President Obama lied to us about the government collection of data on all Americans.

If the president can lie and escape any negative consequences, why should the rest of us tell the truth? The answer, of course, is that it is the RIGHT thing to do. And it is religion that motivates us to do the right thing. Attendance at weekly church services is not the only answer but it is a strong indicator of interest, intentions, and commitment. It is something that we should promote.

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