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Elva Diaz is wrong about South Central Light Rail

June 18, 2018

In Sunday’s Arizona Republic (June 17) Elva Diaz makes the patently silly claim that those opposing the South Central Light Rail extension are doing so because they don’t want to let South Phoenix become “swanky” (her word) and they want to stop progress in South Phoenix. This is her explanation for why thousands of South Phoenix residents signed petitions to stop the light rail.

Come on, Elva. More likely, the petition signers object to the proposed restricted traffic on Central by closing two lanes to accommodate the train. Many businessmen see this as permanently harming their businesses, in addition to the disruption during construction. Also, when they look at the effects of light rail in other areas, such as the 19th Avenue extension they see additional crime and blight and don’t want the same result in their neighborhood.

Rather, South Phoenix residents opposing Light Rail probably want their tax money spent on their real needs, such as improving their roads. They are not so naïve as Ms Diaz alleges. And they are not opposed to progress or to “swanky” developments.

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