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Montini Was Correct re Pat Tillman

September 12, 2017

Early in his Sep 10 column about Pat Tillman, Ed Montini referred to him as “a man of unquestioned character, distinction and accomplishment….who did not need a statue.” I agree completely. And, if a monument were to be erected, Montini was right; it should have been near the library, not the football stadium. Tillman was first a scholar and a role model for students, only secondly a football player.

Montini had read the Jon Krakauer book “Where Men Win Glory” which revealed the details of Tillman’s killing. As outlined by Krakauer, the attempt by the Army to cover up Tillman’s killing by friendly fire was despicable. The contrast between the actions of Pat Tillman and those of the senior officials in the Army should give all Americans pause to examine priorities and to rethink where we look for leadership.

Finally, I must commend Montini’s quote; “Tillman did not waste his days trying to make a name for himself. He made a name for himself by not wasting his days. His ‘monument’ is his life and the way he lived it.” Amen!

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