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FBI Director Comey is a hero in my book

June 5, 2017

I do not claim to know how the current investigation into dealings with Russia or the Clinton emails or the conversations with President Trump will turn out but FBI Director Comey has already earned hero status in my book for standing up to the President over spying on American citizens (sorry for Republicans that it was George Bush). Both President Bush and President Obama lied to the American people about the extent of the eavesdropping but it was Comey, when he was Asst US Attorney, who took the extraordinary action of refusing to sanction the extralegal action, even at the behest of President Bush. When Bush surrogates tried to go around Comey by sending people to the hospital where Attorney General Ashcroft was near death, Comey beat them to the hospital so he could explain to Ashcroft that the Bush surrogates were trying to pull a fast one.

I value integrity so much that, for this action alone, Comey will always be a hero to me.

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