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Physical Standards for Females in the Military

January 30, 2017

There has been much hyperbole lately about the new jobs in the military that females will be allowed to enter. As a former military person and someone who pays attention to these issues I would like to issue a warning. Whenever you hear some senior military official loudly proclaiming that the physical standards will not be lowered for the women, there is only one thing you can be certain of and that is that the standards WILL be lowered. And, if that senior official makes the claim twice within the same newscast, that means the standards will be lowered immediately. (If the standards were not being lowered, there would be no need for the announcement.)

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One Comment
  1. Jerrod Mason permalink

    Of course. What officer wants to destroy his career?
    Fast Neat Average to ya.
    JM – USAFA 61

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