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How will the Obamas survive financially

January 23, 2017

I just heard a segment on NPR that reported on the financial “challenges” that President Obama will face after leaving the White House. The reporter admitted that Obama has a government pension but stated “that will only go so far.” I guess that implies the Obamas will have to buy a manufactured home in some remote suburb of Chicago. But wait, didn’t they just buy a mansion in a “leafy” (per press accounts) part of Washington DC?

Give me a break. The Obamas are millionaires and the perks provided an ex-president go well beyond the pension. Besides, there are obviously many ways an ex-president can make money. This is just more liberal bias from NPR. (Remember that the Clintons left the White House broke and, within a few years, were reported to be worth over $100 million.) Let’s save our tears for the truly needy who, overall, made no gains during the Obama presidency.

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