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Prop 123 is Not Great….I Am Voting Yes

April 20, 2016

Prop 123 is Not Great….I Am Voting Yes
Proposition 123 is not a great idea but I am going to vote for it because my idea is not likely to reach the ballot. My idea is that we ought to sell more land and sell it quickly. The value of the land that is sold would immediately go into the state land trust and begin earning more money which then goes to education. And, instead of arguing over what percentage payout should be made from the trust, the trust should simply pay out all the earnings. The total trust fund would not decrease in value but would actually increase by the amount of the land sold.
State bureaucrats will argue that they know better how fast the state land should be sold and in what manner it should be sold. They will also argue that the state lands near urban areas should be leased and not sold. This is all nonsense. (I was a lobbyist in 1980 when we passed the Urban Lands Act and it was flawed logic then just as it is now.) If these bureaucrats really had that kind of expertise and were smarter than the free market and the hundreds of real estate professionals in Arizona, then they should quit their jobs with the state, and go into the private sector where they can make far more money by applying these skills.

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