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Photo Radar/Net Neutrality-MacEachern hits two home runs

February 19, 2015

Yesterday Arizona Republic columnist Doug MacEachern hit two home runs. First he recognized the absurdity of the federal government (FCC) attempting to regulate the Internet (so-called Net Neutrality). Such a move could easily grow to be the biggest and most intrusive of all the alphabet regulatory agencies. We should leave the Internet alone. Sure, there will be some “unfairness” but this is infinitely preferable to the leviathan that the FCC wants to create.
On the same editorial page MacEachern suggested that the legislature stop trying to ban photo radar. Come on folks, we know this is pure political pandering. No one likes to get traffic tickets but, think about it, if you owned the road and were responsible for the liability of accidents, wouldn’t you use photo radar. Of course you would. Frankly, I am in favor of private roads but, as long as they are owned by various government entities, we should let them control safety by the most economical methods.

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