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Future transit will be individual, not mass transit

December 23, 2014

As a current member of the Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation (CCFPT) I have been disappointed in the fact that we have nearly completed our mission and almost all the discussion has been about mass transit and, of course, the inevitable tax increase to pay for it. This is backward thinking. We are just entering the dawn of individualized, point-to-point, on-demand transportation ideas like autonomous vehicles, Zip Cars, Uber, Lyft, etc. The time will soon be here when you can use your smart phone to pre-program a ride exactly to your destination and at the time you want to go. Under these circumstances why would anyone want to wait for a bus or the even less-convenient train?
Our CCFPT has finally recognized that we must pay attention to our streets and has (belatedly) appointed a sub-committee to do that. But the fact that this is an afterthought reveals where the CCFPT real priorities lie—getting more mass transit, mostly rail, and getting the tax increase to support it. We need to change our priorities to reflect the changing world we live in.

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