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When Slop is in the Trough, All the Pigs Will Gather

October 6, 2014

There is a saying “If you put the slop in the trough, all the pigs will gather.” As this applies to public spending it means that, if you propose to spend a bunch of taxpayer money, all the critters who want some of it will show up. This is the case with Proposition 480, the plan to throw nearly a billion taxpayer dollars at the Maricopa County Hospital. Even in today’s era of pork barrel spending a billion dollars is still a lot of money so the “Yes on 480 Committee” has generated over 50 letters in favor of the spending which are included in the information brochure sent to voters. I would simply suggest that voters “follow the money” and look at what the people and organizations who signed these letters stand to gain as their share of the one billion dollars.
Rather than throwing a billion dollars at the County Hospital, it should actually be sold or closed. There are so many other options now for medical care that the County Hospital is a dinosaur. Also, under Obama Care everyone is forced to have medical insurance, and when you combine that with the fact that no hospital is allowed to turn away patients at emergency rooms, there is no need for a hospital for indigents, as once was the case. I suggest that taxpayers give themselves a tax break on this boondoggle and vote “NO” on Proposition 480.

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