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Bad people usually register as Democrats

May 14, 2014

I would like to issue a challenge to Democrats. See if you can find a group of people that are generally thought of as bad and try to disprove my thesis that the majority of people in any such groups would be registered as Democrats (to the extent that they are registered at all). These groups could include fathers who don’t pay their child support, mothers who keep having babies they can’t afford to take care of (often without benefit of marriage), those people who live off the various welfare entitlements while refusing to work, inmates of various incarceration facilities, those who have multiple DUIs on their record, those who have multiple bankruptcies, those who are obese, smokers, those who do not exercise, etc, etc. I would also include those with a large number of tattoos or piercings and other extreme appearance items that make it difficult for them to get a job.

If my thesis is correct it would then be instructive to ask why this is so. The answer seems obvious to me in the simple observation that Democrats generally prefer more government entitlement programs and more government regulations. Republicans are more inclined toward individual responsibility, low taxes, less regulation, and more reliance on private charity to help those in need. It therefore, seems logical to conclude that those people who are the least likely to accept responsibility for their own actions are more likely to be Democrats.

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  1. Eric M permalink

    You picked what you see as the “bad” sector of one party, then compared it to the “best” sector of the other, it seems to me. Let’s imagine the sum total of people involved in obviously high-risk and self-serving financial actions that led to the 2008 crisis. Of course, Moody’s and others rated all those behaviors as triple A or whatever, but we now know if was a runaway train of selfish pursuit of all one could get before the burst. Out of that pool, how many do you think are Republican in their leanings? Abused freedom worked wonders for them for a while.

    Also, what party would have the audacity to claim to be freedom-cherishing, yet would place a former CIA director in the presidency? Or create sort of a dynasty, one that also happened to lead to the severe loss of liberties of Americans and the huge loss of life for innocents abroad?

    There are many good and bad in all parties.

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