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Boards and Commissions need more input from taxpayers

April 4, 2014

The statement in the Arizona Republic March 30 news article about pension spiking is almost unbelievable. The article states that “the Phoenix Police Pension Board voted 4-1 to continue the practice of letting public-safety officers spike their pensions at retirement.” The article goes on to admit that “it wasn’t much of a surprise” because “the board includes two police officers, including the union’s contract negotiator.”

I served on this board when I was chairmen of the Phoenix Civil Service Board 30 years ago and I can attest that nothing has changed. Back then I was concerned about the sweetheart deals being handed out all too often in the form of disability retirements. Now the abuse is pension spiking. It is time to revamp all of our boards and commissions and reduce the insider dealing that occurs at the expense of the taxpayer.

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