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Avoid Union Control of Bus Transportation

September 30, 2013

My wife and I found out what happens when unions control bus transportation. We were in Las Vegas over the weekend and had walked a few miles down the Strip when we decided to take a bus back to our hotel. We bought two passes for $12 that would allow us to ride the bus for two hours and then we waited for what seemed like a very long time….about 20 minutes. When the bus arrived we saw that it was very large and double decked….and completely full. The bus sat at our bus stop for several minutes while some people tried to exit the bus and a line of about 50 people attempted to board.  It was obviously very difficult for people to get off the bus, partly because of the second deck, and very difficult for people to board because of the large numbers and because people who had already boarded would not move to the back of the bus, probably because they were concerned about being able to get off at their chosen bus stop.

The scene was a mad house and we were not able to board. The next bus was not due to arrive for 20 minutes so we decided to give up our $12 investment and walk back to our hotel.

One might wonder why Las Vegas would use such large buses at such infrequent intervals? I believe it is because the unions lobby for large busses that run as full as possible so that unions can justify very high wages for the bus drivers. The public be damned. I hope we can avoid this fiasco in Arizona and maintain some reliance on market forces so we can have a sane transportation system.

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