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Benson blames conservatives for firefighter deaths

July 8, 2013

Most readers of Steve Benson’s increasingly leftist leaning cartoons may not have been aware of how far over the top Benson went in his editorial last Sunday (July 7) which suggested that the cause of the firefighter deaths may have been global warming. However, if you are a regular reader of Benson, you can see “the rest of the story” is that Benson is suggesting that conservatives, mostly Republicans, really caused the death of the firefighters by denying liberals like Benson, mostly Democrats, their demands for (economy killing) controls on the burning of fossil fuels. These conservatives thereby caused the global warming and the firefighter deaths by increasing CO2 in the atmosphere.

Benson’s leap to connect climate change with the firefighter deaths is ludicrous at best but his implied blaming of conservatives for these deaths is way over the top.

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