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Arizona National Guard scandal report must be released

April 24, 2013

Representative Debbie Lesko is right to demand that, with respect to the recent scandal allegations in the Arizona National Guard, the full report be released to the public. My last five years in the Air Force Reserve were spent working with the Arizona National Guard as the Air Force Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for Arizona and I could see the pressures that build in a military organization that does not change personnel regularly, as in done in the active duty military. There is a strong incentive to protect your peers and your superiors. Because of this, it is critical to thoroughly examine the recent charges and to make sure that alleged activities will not happen again. This can be done by holding those accountable who were complicit. This should definitely include the Adjutant General since the buck stops there.

Another reason for full disclosure is to refute the suggestion that there may have been a less than honest examination of these allegations because the officer selected to do the examination was another National Guard officer. There is an organization that is professionally tasked with conducting these examinations: the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General. Why was this office not asked to conduct this investigation??

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