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General Stanley McChrystal: Why is the press protecting him?

January 24, 2013

Former U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal seems to be on all the talk shows these days. He is quizzed about his new book; he is quizzed about the proposed Obama troop withdrawal in Afghanistan; he is quizzed about gun control; he is even quizzed about his forced retirement from the Army due to his insubordination. But this insubordination is insignificant when compared to his actions in the cover-up of the Cpl Pat Tillman friendly fire killing in Afghanistan.

McChrystal committed one of the most egregious acts of dishonor in military history when he not only helped cover-up the killing (so that the Army could continue to use Tillman as a recruiting hero), but he went so far as to bring disgrace on one of our highest military decorations, the Silver Star, by improperly approving Tillman for that award. As far as I know, McChrystal has never apologized for this horrendous action. Rather than receiving adulation, McChrystal should have met an Army court martial, or at least have been retired at a lower rank. But the fawning press does not even ask him about it.

Anyone who wants more information on the details of this incident should view the movie “The Tillman Story” or read the Jon Krakauer book “Where Men Win Glory; The Odyssey of Pat Tillman.” They will then realize what a dark day this was in the history of our military leaders. McChrystal should, at the very least, be questioned about this.

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