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Flake is light on pork but heavy on liberty

August 31, 2012

In the August 30 Arizona Republic the assertion is made that “The state’s business community has seen [Congressman] Flake do virtually nothing to support economic development.” Such a ridiculous remark can only be made by someone who has no idea of what causes business development. What the author of this article obviously means is that Congressman Flake does not “bring home the bacon” for Arizona. That is because Flake is someone who does understand what causes business development and that is low taxes, limited government regulation, the rule of law, and respect for property rights and contracts.

In every one of these areas Congressman Flake is among the best in the entire Congress. His ratings are high among conservative groups and business organizations. The fact that he is not focused on getting goodies for his constituents should be something that is praised, not lamented.

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