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Wrong VP Choice was Cheney, not Palin

August 6, 2012

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been heard criticizing the selection of Sarah Palin as the Vice President to run with John McCain. But I would contend that a much bigger mistake was the selection of Mr Cheney to run as George Bush’s Vice President. It was Mr Cheney who, along with his friends Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, brought us the neo-con philosophical approach to foreign policy. This was essentially the idea that we could police the world. This philosophy fomented several disastrous decisions, the worst of which was the decision to invade Iraq, a decision which resulted in the loss of thousands of American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, and hundreds of billions of dollars of wasted American assets.

If only Mr Bush could have selected a more reasonable person to run as Vice President, I believe this terrible carnage could have been avoided. Is it possible that Sarah Palin could have done this much damage? I doubt it.

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