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Gen McChrystal not someone we should look to for advice

July 18, 2012


Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal, the commander in Afghanistan who was relieved from that command by President Obama, is now calling for reinstitution of the military draft. I would suggest that General McChrystal’s record demonstrates that he is not someone we should look to for guidance on this issue or on any policy matter having to do with the military. Besides being relieved of his command for insubordination, General McChrystal was also the person who was most complicit in the cover-up of the friendly fire killing of Corporal Pat Tillman. General McChrystal was so eager to cover up this killing and to maintain the value of Corporal Tillman as a recruiting hero, that McChrystal approved the award of a Silver Star, one of our nation’s highest military decorations, just to make it look like Tillman was killed in heroic action by enemy fire.

A senior military officer who is willing to commit such acts of dishonor does not deserve our respect.

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