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We need civilian emergency response to avoid loss of liberty

May 21, 2012

Most people are aware that the greatest loss of liberty occurs when one’s own government centralizes power, not from some invading force. This loss happens most frequently during war. After the war, the centralized power is reduced, but never back to the original level. This same phenomenon is now occurring with respect to disaster preparedness. Most responses are being planned by government, and at increasingly higher levels of government. If we want to retain our freedoms I believe that civilians and those not involved in law enforcement must organize and plan so that government does not completely preempt this field. My last position in the Air Force Reserve was Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for the Air Force and I could see then (middle 90’s) that emergency response was being taken over by government entities. The pace only quickened after 9/11. Some provisions in laws like the Patriot Act reinforce this trend. We need to exercise that eternal vigilance that is the price of liberty.

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