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LA and Phoenix both need more freeways, not trains

May 18, 2012

Ever since community leaders successfully advocated committing nearly $3 billion for a train to run through the center of Phoenix it was only a matter of time before they would realize that there are only so many dollars that can be extracted from the taxpayers and that, because of our rapid growth, more freeway lanes are what we really need, not toy trains. Now they are trying to get more tax payer dollars for freeways. This chain of events is like the proverbial person who stands up and rocks the boat and then promises to save you from the storm……by sitting down.

 You often hear the comment that we don’t want to be likeLos Angelesbut there is not much thought given to that comment beyond the observation that LA has a lot of traffic. The main reason that LA has a lot of traffic congestion is that they did not build enough freeways. There was continual delay in siting freeways (just like we are experiencing in the South Mountain area) and then they foolishly wasted billions on trains (just like we are doing). When will we learn?

 In order to not become another Los Angeles let’s stop wasting money on methods of transportation that only 1% of the population will ever use, get the freeways built, and pursue some innovative ideas to pay for them like time of use pricing and construction of toll roads.

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