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“Top-Two Proposition” is fraudulently presented

May 10, 2012

The Morrison Institute never fails to come up with new ideas that will cost taxpayers more money. Their “Top-Two Proposition” is the latest attempt to pick your pocket under the guise of promoting nonpartisan elections to get more “moderate” candidates elected. Wednesday night they conducted a “reservations required” seminar at the Burton Barr Library, in conjunction with the O’Connor House, another consistently liberal promoter of more government.

This was a very heavyweight event with Justice O’Connor herself kicking things off and Horizon hero Michael Grant as MC. Panel members included Grady Gammage, Alan Maguire, and two “experts” from California. It was Gammage who let the cat out of the bag when, in response to a question, he confessed that he wanted to get the extremists out of the Arizona legislature. But the example he used of “extremism” was those lawmakers who are committed to a “no new taxes” pledge; according to Grady “no matter how much we need new revenues.”

The chairman of the Top-Two Proposition, Paul Johnson, happened to be sitting in front of me in the audience so I leaned forward and opined; “Now we know what the REAL purpose of this proposition is.”

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